Pictures from the holiday season 2016

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Great time performing at this corporate / company holiday party.  Check out that backdrop (actually the original movie is one of my favs.)  So Cool!

Love performing this show.  GHOST!  Over 25 years of performing magic and illusions big and small I never thought I would ever be conjuring up spirits.  It has become one of my favorite shows to perform.  Tipping and floating a table, asking questions that only you and the Mystical Oracle know the answers to, mysterious slate writing, manifesting spirits in the Spirit Cabinet and all done in front of a live audience.  No camera tricks just an amazing show resurrected from the Victorian era. This one took place at Riverhead PL.

Thanks to all who showed up for the comedy magic and a bit of fun mind reading at the Longwood Public Library.  Fun show.  Audience loved it.

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