“Edge of your seat fun!” Live Interactive Online Magic Show:

Running time total 60min: (45min. interactive magic show + 15 min magic class)

YES!  You can still have a great party at home.  A virtual party!  With personalized entertainment.  How cool!!!

Professional magician Amore brings his award winning show to you!  Live online!

Jam-packed with wondrous new original routines and sprinkled with a few classics of magic.  This personalized performance will make the guest of honor the star of the show!  Viewers at home can either sit and watch or interact with Amore. Either way it is fun for the whole family.  You never know what Amore might have up his sleeve, but be assured he will have you saying “WOW” in astonishment and laughing at sidesplitting comedy. With each twist and turn viewers will experience edge of their seat fun and excitement. From the moment the show begins until the grand finale children and adults will be mesmerized and mystified with Amore’s unforgettable show!

Included Extras:

Amore’s unique magic class

Great magic performances always leave audiences clamoring for information on how they can do magic. Join us for a workshop that introduces children to the fascinating world of magic and illusion. Who better to learn from then a professional magician?! Each child will become a magician in training and will experience hands-on fun. Guests have the opportunity to challenge themselves and amaze others by taking the magician’s oath and learning how to do a trick with an everyday object. Running time: 15 min. at the end of the show.

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