It’s All In The Mind (Magic & Mentalism Show)

Running Time: 45 minutes

Do you believe in ESP and power of the mind? For instance, is it possible to foretell the future, move objects with your mind or read someone’s thoughts? The answers to these and other questions can be found in Amore’s show. “It’s All In The Mind” is a unique and amazing show. Jam-packed with fun and memorable routines that will have the audience saying “WOW” in astonishment. With each twist and turn Amore will have the audience on the edge of their seats with laughter and amazement. Amore will use his professional magic and mind-reading skills to have the audience explore their imaginations. Comical, amazing and brilliant are just a few words that people say when asked to describe this show. Interactive and memorable “It’s All In The Mind” will have your guests talking!  Add Amore’s magic workshop to make it an hour.  See details below.

Close-Up Interactive Walk-Around Magic

Interactive close-up walk-around entertainment includes a well-balanced mixture of enchanting magic, sleight of hand and amazing feats of mind reading.

Running Time: 1 Hour minimum / 4 hours maximum (accommodates approximately 50 people per hour)

Close up MagicAmore utilizes cards, coins and other common items to create the most personal and original form of conjuring. All routines are age appropriate, filled with audience participation, humor and fun.  Close-up interactive walk-around sleight of hand entertainment includes a well-balanced mixture of enchanting magic and amazing feats of mind reading.  Magic isn’t just about smoke and mirrors. It’s about providing an unforgettable experience that will keep your guests happy and entertained.  Close-up magic can create a memorable moment that your guests will be remembering for a long time to come.


 Whether at your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah, Sweet Sixteen or other this entertainment takes up a very small amount of space and you will find it is right for most locations at home, hall or restaurant (indoors or out). This type of entertainment is ideal no matter the size of the venue or the amount of people attending. Walk- around entertainment is just right for the cocktail hour and for any length of time there after.


Amore’s unique magic workshop: (A perfect addition to walk around entertainment)

Great magic performances always leave audiences clamoring for information on how they can do magic. Join us for a workshop that introduces your guests to the fascinating world of magic and illusion. Who better to learn from than a professional magician? While performing his magic miracles Amore offers guests the chance to experience hands-on fun. Party guests have the opportunity to challenge themselves and amaze others by learning a quality trick that they will receive to take home.

Barbara & Rob Harari

Barbara & Rob Harari

Bar Mitzvah

Thank you for the terrific and professional job you did at Jeff’s Bar Mitzvah! The kids are still talking about it! The extra time and effort you put in made this important day even more special!

Gus Kotsonis

Gus Kotsonis

13 yr. Birthday Party

The show was great and Amore had the kids mesmerized!

Rabbi Motti Grossbaum

Rabbi Motti Grossbaum

/ Village Chabad - Stony Brook

Amore was absolutely fantastic. The kids were all laughing and engaged throughout his performance and adults enjoyed just as much. He was a pleasure to work and we definitely look forward to having him come back!

 All shows are self-contained. Amore brings all the necessary items to perform the entertainment properly, i.e. table, sound system, props.