Phe•nom•enon (f∂ näm´∂ n∂ n) noun
1. Something experienced; a fact or occurrence that can be observed. 2. Something notable; something that is out of the ordinary and excites people’s interest and curiosity. 3. A remarkable person or thing. 4. A exciting show created for the sophisticated expectations of a young adult audience.

Mental PowersPhenomenon (The Science of the Mind)

Specifically created with grades 6 through 12 in mind, Phenomenon is a presentation of profound and unbelievable events in a fast-paced, fun and educational format. This program incorporates the school psychology curriculum using demonstrations of the mind and body. It is perfect for the sophisticated expectations of the young adult audience. Amore utilizes the audience throughout the performance for astounding demonstrations incorporating psychology and parapsychology, body language, power of suggestion, hand writing analysis and misdirection. Learn speed reading, see a demonstration of speed math, sightless vision, communication and body language, witness the human lie detector and more.  Experience Phenomenon and you will believe.

Students will experience demonstrations covering the following topics:

Sensation and Perception, States of Consciousness, Memory, Personality, Intelligence, Learning, Emotion, Lie detection, Intuition, Power of Suggestion and Parapsychology.

Incorporates the psychology 101 curriculum.

Phenomenon is full of challenges that let students discover the power of their own mind.

Nassau & Suffolk County BOCES Art-In-Ed Accepted


  • “Thank you for an excellent performance. Our kids were thrilled!”–Islip Terrace Junior High School

  • “Thank you for a great performance. You were so entertaining and you have a great sense of humor. Your show was amazing and the audience participation was just terrific!”–YA Dept. Garden City Public Library


Summer Reading Program


All shows are self-contained. Amore brings all the necessary items to perform the entertainment properly, i.e. table, sound system, props.