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The Secrets of Stage Hypnosis Revealed

Hypnosis RevealedNow you can learn the tightly guarded secrets of the master hypnotists!
Master hypnotist Dr. James Lazzarini has been performing hypnosis shows around the globe since 1987.  He has earned a doctorate in clinical hypnotherapy and is a certified instructor of hypnosis.  Join him as he teaches the tightly guarded secrets of stage hypnotists.
The knowledge on how to produce the hypnotic state has been so well guarded that only a few have perfected this art.  Now you can learn from an experienced professional, as he teaches the A to Z of entertaining with hypnosis.  This one of a kind, professional quality 1-hour video is entertaining as well as informative.  This comprehensive video is ideal for both the beginner and professional.
You will learn:

  • The brain & hypnosis
  • How to hypnotize
  • Making hypnosis entertaining
  • How to be a hypnotist
  • Background history
  • Suggestibility tests
  • See an actual performance
  • Speed induction
  • Creating your show
  • and much more…

Since its conception we have received great reviews from both the clinical hypnotherapy and entertainment communities.
“Excellent, straightforward, nicely produced. Very effective!” R.D.S. New York
“Both entertaining and educational!” G.E.D. California
Buy this best-selling hypnosis video, now for only Price $29.95  (Free S&H in the continental USA)

The Magic of Amore Presents The Mysteries of Magic Video Workshop

Mysteries of magicJoin top rated professional magician Amore as he unravels the secrets behind the mysteries of magic and illusion.

Now everything you need to become a magician is available in a new, exciting and entertaining video titled “The Mysteries of Magic Workshop.” Top rated magician Amore offers invaluable insights to the fundamentals of magic. Designed to get you started and to develop performing skills, Amore’s causal teaching style is easy to follow and highly effective. This digital quality, 80-minute video reveals to you the secrets of magic and illusion. The pleasure and joy of performing the magical effects that can be learned from this video workshop will last a lifetime. Now you can learn how to amaze anyone by learning the secrets of a master magician. Amore teaches you how to perform magic and create illusions with simple everyday objects. Entertaining and informative, this video has garnered rave reviews from both the magic community and the general public. What you will learn:

  • Unique magic with everyday objects.
  • How to construct your own illusions.
  • Proper magic presentation.
  • Magic to help build coordination and communication skills.
  • How to be a magician.
  • The magician’s oath.
  • Where to go and uncover more secrets.
  • How to wow and amaze audiences everywhere.
  • And much more…

Perform magic with cards, coins, ESP, business cards, rubber bands, even learn to make a person appear or vanish from thin air…

Children and adults alike will love this video.

Price $19.98 ( Free S&H in the continental USA)

“Cluck Like A Chicken, Bark Like A Dog”  By Dr. James Lazzarini The Outrageous Comic Hypnotist

Cluck like a chicken bookThe book “Cluck Like A Chicken, Bark Like A Dog”offers hilarious comic suggestions, show ideas and a whole assortment of information for the performing hypnotist and professional entertainer.
Stage hypnotists are in high demand right now! Imagine performing at corporate events, fairs, cruise lines, colleges, resorts, private events, television and radio. The author Dr. James Lazzarini (The Outrageous Comic Hypnotist Amore) gives you the information you will need to perform at these and other venues. Hypnosis is a fascinating topic. Whether you are a professional entertainer looking for a new show or additional material, a hypnotist who needs some help or guidance with performance content or a clinical hypnotherapist who performs public or group sessions and would like to add an entertainment portion to your presentation, this book is for you.
If you are new to the hypnosis phenomenon this book offers you the opportunity to venture into new and exciting territory. For the professional hypnotist this book offers new material and insight to the fascinating world that you know so well. This one of a kind book features demonstrations of the power of suggestion, the secret to a great show, a look behind the scenes as well as actually outlining routines, skits and a completely scripted entire show.
Here is what you will find in the pages of this unique book:

  • A Brief History of Hypnosis
  • Who Can Be Hypnotized?
  • The Role of the Hypnotist
  • Magic and Hypnosis -Friend or Foe
  • The Audience Needs to Know!?
  • What Is Hypnosis?
  • What is Suggestion?
  • 25 important things to remember when giving suggestions
  • Suggestion vs. Persuasion
  • You Are Under My Complete Control
  • Suggestibility Tests
  • Hilarious comic suggestions A Through Z
  • Show routines and skits
  • Words you need to use
  • The Assistant / No Assistant
  • Show Structure
  • Behind the scenes
  • Post Hypnotic Suggestion
  • Making Your Own Suggestions
  • A few additional words
  • Even more Information

The book “Cluck Like a Chicken, Bark Like A Dog”is the ideal companion to The Secrets of Stage Hypnosis Revealed Video. Buy it now to complete the set for only
Price $29.95 ( Free S&H in the continental USA)